What scares you?

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What scares you? by Mind Map: What scares you?

1. I am not scared, challenged but not scared

1.1. New node

2. Resourcing

2.1. Providing effective and timely PL for the team

2.2. How can we assist schools with resourcing - if there is no MoE funding to assist with teacher release for PLD

2.3. Do we have the right tools to model accessibility for special needs?

3. Knowledge / Skills

3.1. What role will our team play in ensuring that the MoE regional office/SAFs or whoever needs to knows and UNDERSTANDS eLearning???

3.2. How to support a blended approach to our own learning, daily work habits, programme design - as well as the connection and learning with/for others

3.3. It is important that we all have a clear strategic overview of all projects, how they link and how/where we fit

3.4. I'm a bit scared about making sure I get the approach right when working with schools... I don't feel l currently have the skills to be effective here.

4. What I'm wondering about is how best to engage leadership in a school if this is causing barriers to moving fwd with the schools identified needs

5. Tools

5.1. e-learning planning framework

5.2. confusion about what tools to use to elicit deep learning for students

5.3. Keeping up with new tools and getting others I am working with to be comfortable with their use.

6. Cultural Responsiveness

6.1. How can we be culturally responsive online? What does this look like for Maori in Kura and mainstream schools

6.2. How do we ensure we are ALL being cultural responsive facilitators and not just paying lip service to that or being more 'tokenistic' rather than walking the walk?

7. Building Relationships

7.1. Designing a way of working that effectively aligns with TTT colleagues (and other providers) to ensure the process we are using is best for the school - how do we integrate effectively whilst using our specialist expertise

7.2. We know that work effectively in schools there needs to be a relationship based on a transparent, trusting and collaborative approach. Can we develop this in short time frames?

7.3. effectively dealing with leadership resistance

7.4. blended relationships

8. New node

9. Other

9.1. Being time-poor

9.2. No cafe for a real coffee! :-)

9.3. Time to engage

9.4. Big men in dark alleys

9.5. How do we ensure that in a limited time frame that we are meeting the needs of a school - their real needs not a blanket approach for a quick fix

10. Nothing scares me, I would just like to get in and get fully involved with it all - only then will we know what is required