Parental Involvement


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Parental Involvement by Mind Map: Parental Involvement

1. Ethnic Variations in Parental Involvement

2. Academic Socialization

2.1. Parental involvement was positively related to students achievement in school.

3. School-Based Involvement Results

3.1. was also positively related to achievement, but less strongly so.

3.2. Visiting school for school events

4. Parental Involvement in Education: Definitions and Frameworks (p. 741)

4.1. Parent Involvement

4.1.1. NCLB Definition of Parent Involvement

4.2. School Based Involvement

4.3. Home-Based Involvement

4.3.1. Helping with homework provided the most negative gains in achievement.

4.4. Behavioral Involvement

4.5. Academic Socialization

4.6. Cognitive-Intellectual Involvement

4.7. Personal Involvement

5. Home-Based Involvement Results

5.1. Helping with homework is shown to both accelerate and interfere with achievement. Most negative affects on student success.

5.2. Taking children to events and places that promote learning is most beneficial to student success. (academic socialization type)