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My Neywork by Mind Map: My Neywork

1. My Aunt is a coach at Notre Dame University. She could help me develop my skills as a soccer player and as a student.

2. My friends (Brianna and Maegan) they have jobs at places I may be interested in the future

3. My parents, my dad owns a company and knows friends that may be hiring. He could also help teach me how to get jobs in the line of work he's in.

4. My soccer coach, he can get me meetings with universities and scouts. He could even introduce me to other coaches or get me a job teaching kids.

5. The school counselors, like Mrs. Corrado. They have job boards and could set me up with a job. Or give me information about a summer full time job.

6. Jack Porter, he is a divorce and family lawyer. I might not go into divorce and family, but he's a good lawyer with a lot of tips. One of my family friends knows him.

7. My physiotherapist/acupuncturist: I have an interest in this line of work for my back up plan, she would be a good job shadow.

8. My family friend, Jessica. She owns a small business and could potentially get me a job working for her.

9. My coworker. They are looking into new jobs, so maybe we could look together.

10. My sister, she works for and insurance agency and could get me an interview in the future, if that's what I decide to do.

11. My family doctor, he can set up a job shadow with me which may lead to a future career.

12. My band, they have many job opportunities for natives. They could give my a job working during the summer, then even help me find a long term career option.

13. Dale Mitchell, he is a former professional striker. I'd like to meet him again to talk more about college league.

14. My chiropractor, I am fairly interested in this field as a back up plan in life. So to talk about a career in this would be beneficial.

15. My friends mum, she is a secretary at an elementary school, I could get a better understanding of schools. This may lead to a job opportunity.

16. My aunties boyfriend, Jon, he's a carpenter. I enjoy hands on work so this could be a possibility.