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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. My Parents S.O's

1.1. My moms boyfriend is a graphic designer and can teach me more about art programs on the computer

1.2. My dads girlfriend works for Yeti Farm a local animation company so she could put a good word in for me

2. My dads friends

2.1. My dad has friends with many people who all have something different to offer. one does Chinese medicine, a lot are pilots some are cops and some do many other things

3. Robin

3.1. A family friend who helped my sister get a job. she has many friends who I could talk too

4. My Coworkers

4.1. My coworkers at the IGA are mostly older than me so they know a lot of people who have other jobs and other connections

5. My Dads Girlfriends Boss

5.1. Hes the boss of yeti farms and could help me with getting into the animation industry

6. My Neighbors

6.1. The people who live around my moms house are in a lot of professions and some have their own businesses so they might have job opportunities for me

7. Deb Lawless

7.1. She manages the Halloween alley every year and could help me get a job at her store

8. The head animator of LAIKA

8.1. I love stop motion so getting to know the head animator would hive me more insight into this form of animation and what it takes to make it in stop motion

9. The head animator at either Pixar or DreamWorks

9.1. I want to work at one of these places so meeting the head animators would give me insight into the profession

10. My Parents

10.1. My parents are both pilots so they can help me with jobs in the flying industry

11. My Friends (lara and jayden)

11.1. I would be able to go though their friends and connections to look for someone who is hiring

12. My Moms Friend (sue)

12.1. She is photographer who really helped me get into photography. She has connections to people who could help me if iI wanted to be a photographer

13. My Counselor

13.1. She could refer me to opportunities for job interview

14. An Animator

14.1. They have a direct link into the profession I want

15. Some one who goes to the center of arts and technology

15.1. They would be going to the school that i would like to go to