Student Socioeconomic and Immigrant Status Diversity

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Student Socioeconomic and Immigrant Status Diversity by Mind Map: Student Socioeconomic and Immigrant Status Diversity

1. Undocumented Students: Sentiment

1.1. Feeling They Do Not Belong

1.2. Fear of Deportation

1.2.1. This Is What ICE’s Immigration Arrests Are Doing To Elementary School Kids Students suffer from the fear of deportation and the deportation of their parents and draw out their emotions

1.3. Fear of Country of Origin

1.3.1. Tatiana Anariba Osorio This story touches me and strikes close to home for me. South America & Central America are rather unsafe countries.

2. Undocumented Students: Why are you here?

2.1. Parents

2.2. Better Future

2.3. Escaping Home Country

3. Undocumented Students: What Can We Do?

3.1. Connect Students & Families to Resources

3.2. Offer Field Trips or In Class Experiences Which Empower Undocumented Students (conferences and speeches)

3.3. Show Your Allyship

3.4. Stay Informed

3.5. 3 Ways That Teachers Can Be Public Educator Activists & Advocate With and For Undocumented Students


4. Socioeconomic Diversity: Sentiment

4.1. Feeling They Do Not Belong

4.2. Embarassment

4.3. Hierarchy of Needs

4.3.1. Inability to Reach Self Actualization

4.4. How Unemployment Affects Families

4.5. Constant fear of homelessness (for some).

4.5.1. Poor Kids [2012] | FRONTLINE | PBS

5. Socioeconomic Diversity: Effect

5.1. Deterioration of Character

5.2. Inability to Take Part in Activities

5.3. Health Deterioration

5.4. Inability to Pay for Higher Education

5.5. Elevated Stress

5.6. Vicious Cycle of Poverty


5.7. Issues Among Family Members

6. Socioeconomic Diversity: What Can We Do?

6.1. Destigmatize Class Differences

6.1.1. Do not talk about brands in the classroom.

6.1.2. Talk openly about how receiving free or reduced school lunch is okay and not something to be ashamed of.

6.1.3. As a teacher, you could avoid displaying preferences for higher priced brands.

6.1.4. Do not spread sentiment that suggests families are lazy and are thus in their position. (This does not help students currently facing poverty.)

6.2. Offer Resources to Students Who Feel Lost

6.3. Use Posters in the Class That Make Students Feel Empowered

6.4. Create Outreach Programs for Disadvantaged Students

6.4.1. Outreach Programs can help kids study for the ACT and with homework so students can advance their academic abilities.

6.5. Ask school if you can create programs which help pay for activities for students who cannot afford it.