Lindsey's Map

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Lindsey's Map by Mind Map: Lindsey's Map

1. Classmates

1.1. Rozy

1.1.1. Ideas

1.2. shawna

1.3. Carrie

1.4. Chas

1.5. Felicia

1.6. Flora

1.7. serena

1.8. coraline

2. Project 1- Learning to Count in Cree numbers one through ten.

2.1. First spell the numbers out in cree from one to ten.

2.1.1. Learning how to spell the numbers one through ten in cree.

2.1.2. Next is pronunciation in cree

2.1.3. recognizing the words and pronouncing them.

2.2. Starting by one number at a time

2.2.1. Spelling the numbers in Cree

2.2.2. Learning how to pronounce the numbers in Cree.

2.2.3. Understanding the sounds of the words and how they are spelled learning the difference between each number.

2.3. conclusion

2.3.1. Spelling out the numbers daily in class and and sounding them out.

2.3.2. Pronouncing the numbers one at a time using flash cards for memorization.

2.3.3. Reading, spelling and pronunciation of the numbers without any flash cards.

3. Family

3.1. My Family

3.1.1. Rhett

3.1.2. Hallie

3.1.3. Peter

3.2. Parents

3.2.1. Eldon & Lana

3.3. Sisters

3.3.1. Melanie Melva Sundance

3.4. Brother

3.4.1. Sheldon

4. Hobbies

4.1. Sports

4.1.1. Hockey, Baseball, Swimming, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball etc...

4.2. Visiting Family and friends

4.3. Bingo

4.4. Watching movies on date night and family night.