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Niall Ferguson by Mind Map: Niall Ferguson
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Niall Ferguson


TED profile


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we tuned in later at the TEDGlobal livestream

5. consumer society

economic growth

6. work ethic

any culture can get work ethic

as long as governements wants it

not only protestant lifestyle

korean people work more than germans

european lost their ethic


the west leads in innovation?

the east is ahead

look at Japan

killer apps

can be donwloaded

are open source

the great RE-convergence

we watch the end of western dominance



US loose place to China

2. does sequencing of downloading matter

3. can china do without app3

freedom is rooted

property right


churchill 1938

it means a society based upon the opion of civilians ... (1938 W Churchill)

west may colapse

most civs do, operate on edge of chaos

we may hang on, huge burdens of dept

loss of work ethics

the great divergece is over folks!!!


how about Latin Americas

rise of east

rise of the rest

look at, Chille, Brasil, convergence

US vs European

both think their economics will collapse

crisis accelerated the huge shift