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Yasheng Huang by Mind Map: Yasheng Huang
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Yasheng Huang

Political economist

TED profile

MIT Sloan India Lab

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economic growth China & India

does democracy help?

argument pro china

why does china grow faster?

last 30 years, GDP rate (2x faster), china does better

china has shanghai

india has mumbai

chinese goverment

can make decisions

india: needs to listen to people

shanghai model of economic growth




strong goverment

state capitalism & government ownership

land assets

democracy is a hindrance of economic growth


are they important?

the emphasize by goverment

telephone, russia, more phones sets and lines, china

railway, india, more trains, china, common mode of transporation

infrastructure does not explain why china did better based on infrastructure


democracy bad for economic growth

democratic india


why do economist fall in love with authorian goverments?

no systematic edge

success of the 1 goes with failure on the other side

why did china grow faster

during cultural revolution

china went mad

advantageous effect

they had human capital

literacy rate: China 77%, India 48%, definition, china, 1500 chinese characters, india, write your name, in whatever language you know

life expectancy, china, 10 years longer then india, india

indian man 2 year longer than women, strange, nowadays, women life longer

work force

china: more women

india more men

india has a long way to take on china



politics, statics & dynamics

polictical changes

security of proprietors

land leases

financial reforms


slow pace

lot of challenges

no real politcal reform

more democratic


democratic hinder?

introduced few changes


china (superstar) to india

india is still growing alot, worldwide 4th

dragon vs elephan

china raw fundamentals, political reforms

india, health, right direction, institutional

hopefully politcal reforms will hapen in 5 years