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Tim Harford by Mind Map: Tim Harford
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Tim Harford



called it the god complex

symptoms, always believe that your right, they understand how the worl works

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undercover economist

TED profile


Tim Harford's writings reveal the economic ideas behind everyday experiences.

2nd world war

german camp

Archie Cochrane, was a doctor, resourceful person, smuggles Marmite in, vitamine C & B, notes results in a book, german culture, vitamines need to be supplied, otherwise war crime

horible symptoms

hostile environment




Why success always starts with failure

Review by Tutor2u


Hans Rosling (aka the Mick Jagger of TED)

graphs, 3pieces of data of countries

another graph

number of disctinct products

is huge and complex

economies are comples

god complex is tempting, show a picture, a simple graph, solve complex problems is hard, we can, use problem solving technqiue that works


baby, trial and error, variation and selection, biological systems

detergent, huge tank, need a good nozzle, god complex, geneticist, trial and error, variation and selection, create 10, select 1, create 10 variations, redo


US still the largest economy

10% of us business dissapear every year

huge failure rate

thus the evolve faster

process of trial and error, not smart person, trial and error, setting the right context

experimentation is key

it is obvious, Nieuw knooppunt

there are not always answers to questions

dont train kids to have always the right answer

policians can not always fix everything

keep on trial and errow

abandon the god complex (being the smartest)

trail & error

trial and error

law down the law is comfortable

god complex

its harder to to try and make mistakes

its very difficult to make mistakes