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Josette Sheeran by Mind Map: Josette Sheeran
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Josette Sheeran

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Anti-hunger leader

TED profile

Biography at



people are fighting to survice

cannot pay for a meal

1 cup of food

can change life of people

1 out of every 7 people cannot fill a cup (food)

see Hunger Map at WFP


dont need to go back that fat, grandparents



sillent tsunami

ensure people to get enough food

how can we feed 9 bi people

people need to eat


got children

ethiopia food problems

cry of a child, that can not be returned by food, "Nothing more haunting than a cry of a child who could not be given food"

hunger: we now how ro fix it

we have the systems

we fixed it for 100 years ago

even so...

hunger sill remains

every 10 seconds a chil is lost to hunger

more than aids en maleria

its about access to food

we have enough food

why have 1 bi no food?

malnourished in the first 2 years

brain volumes up to 40% less than normal

this is permanent

see 'Effects of nutrition on brain development in humans' (PDF)

huge impact on economies

earning potential of these kids is cut in half

burden of knowledge

its easy to fix

by time of 3 kids face life of hearthship



first 6 months of life

promote this message, its not old fashioned

enrich the mother

"A child could be saved every 22 secs if there was breast feeding in the first 6 months of life"


tranform very availanle techniques to create food for humanity

small packages very nutricous

only 70 cents a day

unlock tech from rich world

school feeding

could function as a savety net

local agriculture

hand out at schools

transformative effect

girls go to school when there is food

also learning


they will stay in school

wont get married to early

have beter nutriction

better healthier kids

transform fighting hunger


food bags

build infrastructure

villages can self support

digital food

food card, swipe card, 9 items, local produces, nutritions


see article at

what if we view them as the value chain

food aid

look at brasil

school feeding, local products

small farmers, increase GDP


cost of malnutrition

av 6% of GDP ($260 bi)

we need to invest the cost are to high not to

transform face of hunger

children can daily find a cup of food

join with all of humanity

no more we're going to accept this

so no more 1/3 of childerens with to small brains due to malnutrition

"Food is one issue that cannot be solved person by person. We have to stand together."