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Josette Sheeran by Mind Map: Josette Sheeran
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Josette Sheeran

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Anti-hunger leader

TED profile

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people are fighting to survice

1 cup of food

1 out of every 7 people cannot fill a cup (food)




ensure people to get enough food

how can we feed 9 bi people

people need to eat


hunger: we now how ro fix it

even so...

hunger sill remains

every 10 seconds a chil is lost to hunger

its about access to food

malnourished in the first 2 years

huge impact on economies

earning potential of these kids is cut in half

burden of knowledge

its easy to fix

by time of 3 kids face life of hearthship




school feeding

could function as a savety net

local agriculture

transformative effect

girls go to school when there is food

transform fighting hunger


digital food

what if we view them as the value chain

food aid

look at brasil


cost of malnutrition

we need to invest the cost are to high not to

transform face of hunger

join with all of humanity