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Introduction by Mind Map: Introduction
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peurto rico

organizing, mari sol pop festival, early 70s

weekend of, sun fun, rock & roll on beach

hotel, hq, in desrepair, no internet, social media, rotary phone

every one (kids) was, burned by to much sun, pour quality of drugs, robbed


festival has a cult status

event planning

only experience so far

but now TEDxLiveTheHague

wonderful day

live feed Edinburgh

great speakers

only 6 weeks planning



Nieuw knooppunt


is about connecting


what do you want to get out of the day

1 day

nice day

new connections

time is important

local presenters

ted talks will be presented to TED organisation

Nieuw knooppunt

TED global


TED curator Chris Anderson

remarkabel global phenomenon

1000s people, power of ideas

more than video's


passion & dedication

review the event at

exciting conversation on shared future