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Mark Pagel by Mind Map: Mark Pagel
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Mark Pagel

200.000 years ago

social learning

future course of



social learning is visual theft

benefit of others thoughts

hide your best ideas


smaller groups, less ideas, not much development

systems communities, share ideas, languague is the result


social technolgy

to enhance cooperation

coordinate activities

languague open the sphere of cooperation

simplest axe of exchange depend on language

put ideas together and have properity

this way humans evolve, animals have not evolved

'Not having language would be like a bird not having wings"

Evolutionary biologist

TED profile

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we missed the first part due to some problems with the livestream


"Language is a piece of technology to rewire each other's minds"

= our genes talking

subversive power




the most subversive tool we have

story of Babel (bible)

talk in eachother languages


languages exist and prevent us from communicated

we can not say anything, word are just a puff of air

something worth explaining

languagues only with humans


the use sticks

why not buy a bag of nuts, the smash a rock on a nut

lack of social learning from other, whatchin, imitating, no benefit from other wisdom, in 1 mi year they would do the same


home erectus

the made hand axes

not much development


showed vert little change in 300.000 years

monkey see monkey so

we can learn

by watching other people


choose amongst a ray of options

build on widwom

out idead accumulate

our knowledge evolves

acculmulative cultural adoptation

social learning

our species, make stuff, make stuff of life

any species that aqcuire langues

would evolve

"Language evolved to solve the crisis of visual theft, to coordinate our activities"

we prospered like no other animal

valuable trade

new lands and resources into people

the voice of our genes

evolve language

developed many language

7000-8000 language

most languages are found in countries where people are closely packed

see new guinee, 1000 language

remote oceanic island


Facebook friendship links map


we dont have sex with people we cant talk to

European Union

27 countries, 23 languages

cost alot of money & time

languages solution to visual theft

can we afford to have all the languages?


metric system is winning

hours, minutes, seconds is standard

modern world

chinese man, his language speaking by more people, though he needs to translate in english

world depends on cooperation

destiny one world: one language