Alice in Wonderland

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Alice in Wonderland by Mind Map: Alice in Wonderland

1. The Queen of Hearts

1.1. The queen of hearts is someone who treats other people like they are from a lower class and she thinks she is better than everyone else. She is educated though. She has others do everything for them. They are very bossy and engulfed by the materialistic world and they that is as much theirs as they want it to be.

2. Alice

2.1. The first example of a class difference in the book is Alice herself, she belongs to the upper class which you can tell by the way she talks and acts. She is well behaved and very well spoken. She can memorize things very quickly. She knows all the rules of a young ladies etiquette, because she was brought up by a wealthy family from the upper class. It is even possible that she is related to royalty through marriage or other figures of the upper class.

3. The White Rabbit

3.1. The second example is about the rabbit, het is always in a hurry, this is comparable to the lower class who always have to work and are never able to take a rest. Referring to Alice, she thinks he is late for a party which is another example why she belongs to the upper class. People who belong to a higher class never have to worry about running late, except when it’s about a party. He also isn’t as educated as the animals which Alice meets later on in the story.