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Kathy Voyles by Mind Map: Kathy Voyles
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Kathy Voyles

workshop for NGO

people love to grow and ate it

real apple

kids are faw away of food

we dont educate them enough

Local food lover & storyteller

TEDxTheHague local speaker


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from new zealand

teaches kids how to eat a rainbow

teaches kids how to cook a rainbow

food is more than surival

act, love, kindness, sharing

growing up




self supporting

father was nice for animals

site down, ate

"changing the world one plate at a time"

dad was dying

wrote down story

tell me about being a kid in Bluford Illiois

ate a lot of biscuits

picked berries for jam

family around table

food is, history, social, story


favorite desert


20% of meals are consumed in a car

dad would not like that


global garden (...)


The Eden project

ideas blossom at tables

mum is dying

couldnt talk with her

favorite tart

food is




nutritious pour food, chicken nuggets

better to have homegrown food


we serve kids

bad lousy food, hot dogs, fries

almost no fresh food

home made lunch, 5 minutes

to my kids with raspberry love

food formula


Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

table + food

good honest food, think about what you serve

add human beings

sit at a table for 20 minutes, no, ipad, iphone, facebook, remove digital devices

talk about, high point, low point

have to come to the table

personal way of eating

people become friends while cooking or eating together

Table + good honest food (know it's origin!) + other people + 20 minutes time daily = communication

find a new person

have lunch

talk on memories of food

invite people you dont know

share food

share food and we will make the world a better place