Peter Westbroek & Eva Maria Westbroek

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Peter Westbroek & Eva Maria Westbroek by Mind Map: Peter Westbroek & Eva Maria Westbroek

1. ...

1.1. we've had some connectivity issues

2. Geologist & Soprano

2.1. Peter

2.1.1. Peter's Wikipedia entry

2.2. Eva-Maria

2.2.1. Eva's website

2.3. TEDxTheHague local speakers

3. back to overview map

4. earth

4.1. Tristan and Iseult by Wagner

4.2. what is that makes this music exciting

4.2.1. ratchet wheel turn only to the left

4.3. seeing the world

4.3.1. see the world from deep space

4.3.2. moon is not dead/alive

4.3.3. earth is ratchet its about complexity its about biology chemistry

5. construct life

5.1. is a complex matter

5.2. Sanra Baldauf

5.2.1. design life bacteria eukaryotes archaea humans are a small part of all live present

5.2.2. planet is full of diversity

5.2.3. life changed the world

5.3. 'Believing the earth is designed is like saying an ant's nest has a board of directors'

6. life

6.1. isolde

6.1.1. elixer of life

6.1.2. string

6.1.3. vigorous

6.2. oxygen

6.2.1. dreadful poison

6.2.2. our dead is caused by oxygen

6.2.3. in atmosphere 20% nervegas 20% ogygen

6.3. early life

6.3.1. bacteria

7. Music playing...

7.1. interview between Eva-Maria and Yolanthe

7.2. Eva:

7.2.1. thinking about tremendous depth how it must have been 1st person to experience this music

8. animal organs

8.1. speed up the ratchet of earth

8.2. look at the earth

8.2.1. is it a design

8.2.2. its like a ants nest with a board of directors silly

8.2.3. i am at home at this bitter sweet planet

9. Watchting an opera fragment

9.1. La fanciulla del West