Merlijn Twaalfhoven

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Merlijn Twaalfhoven by Mind Map: Merlijn Twaalfhoven

1. cyprus

1.1. conflict between turkey and cyprus

1.2. create a piece of music

1.2.1. sound can travel

1.3. large composition on rooftoops in Nicosia

1.3.1. october 2005

1.3.2. project 'long distance call'

1.3.3. see this video

1.4. real large group

1.4.1. people start improvising

1.4.2. someone was supposed to play and where sillent

1.5. audience asked what was this?

1.5.1. is it music?

1.5.2. is it sound?

1.5.3. what type?

1.5.4. 1st time so close by the border not angry not scared the music touched people

1.6. biggest achievement

1.6.1. to confuse people

1.6.2. make openess

1.6.3. offer relief

1.6.4. an artist can create confusion makes openess amongst people openess curiosity leads to contact had impact it was better than perfect composition

2. Composer

2.1. TEDxTheHague local speaker


2.3. @Merlijn12H

3. back to overview map

4. intro

4.1. "I'm not playing music this afternoon"

4.2. biggest goal

4.2.1. write that masterpiece

4.3. few years ago

4.3.1. gave that up

4.4. started something different

4.5. biggest goal for artist

4.5.1. greatest goal is become redundant

5. example

5.1. daughter received a book on birthday

5.2. father tells this is a cow

5.3. this is a pig

5.3.1. curly tail

5.3.2. is about small details

5.4. it is all about small details

5.4.1. it goes very quick

5.5. search

5.5.1. people are virtuosos reading signals like a curly tail reading the codes of society in 10 minites one can scan on the web and have an overview on topic

6. compose

6.1. make people notice you

6.2. greated music in a

6.2.1. shipyard

6.2.2. music create a dialogue with the sea

6.3. give music meaning

7. stone

7.1. daughter can play with a stone

7.1.1. 15 mins to fugure it out

7.1.2. when told (bring up to speed) oh it just a stone

7.2. artist have a great tool in hand

7.3. in cyprus we arranged something that happend

7.4. style the tool of artist

7.4.1. dont let them lock their tool in a gallery

7.5. become artist yourself

7.6. Nieuw knooppunt