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Misha Glenny by Mind Map: Misha Glenny
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Misha Glenny

share certain chacteristics tough from different backgrounds


hackign during teens

moral companess did not develop

no real social skills in outside world

have sign of Aspergers Syndrom


tremendous skills

Underworld investigator

TED profile


back to overview map

red brigade


we tuned in later to the livestream

hackers are one element in cyberspace

and mostly the most vulnerable

6 hacker characters

dimitry golubov

transfer gangster capitalism to the web


renukanth subramaniam

shri lanka military



dark market


gaming, controling huge servers, offer hacked games

max vision

carters market

penetration testers

voluntary for FBI

discoverd a flaw in al us networks, fix a huge leak

adewale taiwo

newsgroup, at yahoo, bank & credit card fraud

cagatay evyapan

social enginering meets hacking

"There are two types of companies in the world: those that know they've been hacked and those that don't."



mobilize for the state

they are a remarkable breed

we can not do without the hackers


hire hackers

relentless & obsessive

please let us work legitimately