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Mikko Hypponen by Mind Map: Mikko Hypponen
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Mikko Hypponen

underground marketplace

business eco systenm

"i am your cybercrime operation"

money gererated is significant

they switch to other areas

virusses are global problems

overview of new virusses

100.000 malware every single day

where does it come from

organized crime write the virusses


Cybersecurity expert

TED profile


A Vanity Fair article profiling his work

back to overview map


i love the internet

out generation

internet has problems

floppy disk

infected by brain.a

visited pakastine

discussed with them what they started


track criminals down

look for signatures

via smart searching via their blogs

online crime cases

plc siemens

PLC systems


everything is run by computers

we are reliant on internet

we need computers to work

think of things that are for granted and doesnt work


online crime might take this away

if we dont fight it



please take this forward

tweet him for more