Mikko Hypponen

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Mikko Hypponen by Mind Map: Mikko Hypponen

1. underground marketplace

1.1. business eco systenm

1.2. "i am your cybercrime operation"

1.3. money gererated is significant

1.3.1. they can invest

1.3.2. hire programs

1.3.3. use the web to their advantages

1.4. they switch to other areas

1.4.1. other restrictions

2. virusses are global problems

2.1. overview of new virusses

2.2. 100.000 malware every single day

2.3. where does it come from

2.4. organized crime write the virusses

2.4.1. such as Gansta Bucks

2.4.2. they buy virus infected pc

2.4.3. how do they monetize

2.4.4. banking

2.5. how

2.5.1. keyloaders record everything you type interesting creditcard number name address that is a problem

3. Cybersecurity expert

3.1. TED profile

3.2. mikko.hypponen.com

3.3. @mikkohypponen

3.4. A Vanity Fair article profiling his work

4. back to overview map

5. intro

5.1. i love the internet

5.1.1. think of services entertainment

5.2. out generation

5.2.1. we got online

5.2.2. we build something global

5.3. internet has problems

5.3.1. security

5.3.2. pricing

6. floppy disk

6.1. infected by brain.a

6.1.1. first virus for pc computer

6.1.2. came from it sais in the code paktistani

6.1.3. 1986 pc biggest problem is 25 years old

6.2. visited pakastine

6.2.1. visited the address of basid anwar address was in the code

6.2.2. see video

6.3. discussed with them what they started

6.3.1. their computers where infected over time by virusses

6.4. examples

6.4.1. old virusses where written by teenagers

6.4.2. videos of old DOS viruses

7. track criminals down

7.1. look for signatures

7.2. via smart searching via their blogs

7.3. online crime cases

7.3.1. hard to know from with continent

7.3.2. evidence is a problem

7.4. plc siemens

7.4.1. runs elevators

7.4.2. systems

8. PLC systems

8.1. powerplants

8.2. everything is run by computers

8.3. we are reliant on internet

8.3.1. electricity

8.4. we need computers to work

8.4.1. we need to work beyond that computers fail

8.5. think of things that are for granted and doesnt work

8.5.1. be prepared

8.6. systems

8.6.1. google

8.6.2. ted

8.6.3. skype

8.6.4. etc

8.6.5. what if it doenst work

8.7. online crime might take this away

8.8. if we dont fight it

8.8.1. we run the risk of loosing it

8.8.2. do it global

8.8.3. more global law enforecements

8.8.4. find people behind attacts is better than a firewall " Find the people with skills, but without opportunities, and let them use their skills for good. "

8.8.5. use their skills

9. Q&A

9.1. successtory?

9.1.1. interpol/ europol figth international crime they are for different crimes drug money blogpost from Mikko's organization opting the idea for internetpol

9.1.2. internet crime is small amount of people but many times it becomes a large problem

9.1.3. solution few million dollars a year grow a force to fight it

9.2. please take this forward

9.3. tweet him for more