Martin Sjardrijn

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Martin Sjardrijn by Mind Map: Martin Sjardrijn

1. Virtual Reality

1.1. VR system at TU Delft

1.2. wore a big helmet

1.2.1. discovery of cyberspace

1.2.2. found a away to create weightless sculptures visible

1.3. see movies of the 'Elements VR installation'

1.4. buy a cubesatelit

1.5. make small sculptures with a 3d printer

2. Digital artist

2.1. TEDxTheHague local speaker


2.3. @msjardijn

3. back to overview map

4. interactive gallery

4.1. more information

5. intro

5.1. in 1984

5.1.1. how i strated painting

5.2. father was a painter

5.3. art never left

5.4. he drew everyday

5.5. look at dunes look at stars

5.5.1. witnessed constellation

5.5.2. same time the russian launched sputnik

5.6. i wanted to become an artist

6. development as an artist

6.1. went to art schools

6.2. mastered techiques

6.3. didnt want to be a footnote in painting

6.4. doing something with space

6.4.1. we have ESA ESTEC

6.5. sent out a press release

6.5.1. "line in space"

6.5.2. press release and reactions

6.5.3. got a letter of Jeanne Claude Christo if you need some help

6.5.4. this concept is interesting

6.5.5. a line in outer space i left earth virtually

6.5.6. is space enough in space earth is done thinking in space is a challenga