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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. My cousin's sister: Juhyun I am interested in a Front Desk Agent job in a hotel. My cousin's sister is working for it in this job in Malaysia so she could give me some tips while she is working.

2. My KSS friend: Anna She works as a drive through server for McDonalds so she could help me to get a job there to earn the money for university or college.

3. Church Acquaintance: Police Officer Mentor for one of my potential career goals in Criminology. I could ask some questions about how to take courses in Criminology if I work for the police.

4. Counsellor: Mrs. Skelton She could help me to find a good post- secondary institutional college university that will help me to achieve my career goals.

5. Retired Neighbor: Mr.Jung He used to work in "Momo Sushi" as a cook so if I found a job in hospitality industry, I could get informations about food services from him.

6. Sun physiotherapist:Marsha Bird She is a physiotherapist so she could give me some useful information about the career and I might be able to be her job shadow.

7. My Parents: Mom and Dad They both worked in a Korea airport as a ground crew members and my dad is still working there. They could help me to understand how to be a ground crew member in the airport. Also, they could help me to find work there.

8. My friend: Jenny She works as a cashier in the mall at Jugojuice so she could help me to get a job there if I get a Canadian work permit.

9. ESL teacher: Mrs.Graham She knows about so many careers, very well and she has many connections so I can talk with her about my interests and she could connect me to a good employer or volunteer organization.

10. My Yoga Teacher: Mrs. Ivanitz I am also interested in yoga for relaxation so she can help me to be a yoga teacher. As well, she could help me to make some connections with other yoga teachers, too.

11. Planning teacher: Mrs. McGarvey Since I am an international student at KSS, she can help me with career planning.

12. Walking Clinic Doctor This doctor can help if I get sick before the job interview or he could write me a note so I can attend a job interview or an exam at a later time or he can give me a medicine to make me better.