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Richard de Ruijter by Mind Map: Richard de Ruijter
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Richard de Ruijter

fitness entrepreneur

TEDxTheHague local speaker

LinkedIn profile

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get people moving

especially when they're older

health important thing in life

we stop eating when in danger

e.g., cucumbers


can't stop smoking

eating fat

getitng out of the couch

isn't that more threathening than eating cucumbers?

2 reasons for unhealthy

we eat to unhealthy

we dont move enough

busy life

easy and fast food

how can i help to live a healthier lifer

people dont like to move

only 2% is disciplined

most fitness people

hate machines

hate loud music

4 principles of businessmodel

1. keep it short

30 min fitness program, every muscle group, 1 minute

short and effective wat

2. make it personal

background music, no loud pumping music

personal, guidance, attention, instructions, motivational postcards

3. be accesible

open next to jumbo, combine excerise with shopping

often their in outskirst of city

4. be part of the community

living room

all age grousp connect, members, jongest, 14, oldest, 83

import place in neighbourhood

Nieuw knooppunt


worked at large fitiness company

convince people with a fitness membership

met anna

convinced her to train

she worked out and lost lots of weight

advice of doctor, loose weight

she recovered from heart attack, doctor explained she only survived due to fitness

fitness saved her life