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Sheril Kirshenbaum by Mind Map: Sheril Kirshenbaum
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Sheril Kirshenbaum

reproductive biology

men can reproduce on larger scale

women have stronger

taste of smell

taste of kissing

needs to be a good match

short time to reprpoduce

research about senses involed in kissing and how it can end relationship

bad first kiss

over 50% m/f end the relation

Biologist and writer

TED profile

back to overview map

why do we kiss

effects on body

effect on relations

many theories

how did we start kissing

neural science



gets noticed

red fruit in bush

red became emphasized on women body

lips are genical echo, represent female


"Science of kissing"

lips stimulates

neural emotions

lip stimulation

kissing is social greeting


rest of animal kingdom

mate selection

humans kissing defintion

were are not alone

go back in history

Homer in Odisey

romans: kissing culture

who and why



broaden, kissing, licking, nibbling


brains' idea of our body

tongue is large

lots of senses

when our lips meet

increase of dopamine

high pulse

similar as falling in love

difference between men/ woman

women, ...

men, means to an end


kissing is to intimate

what motivates us to kissing

do not bite eachother

vampire popculture

do not bite your loved ones

one could inject virusses directly in the bloodstream

JUST keep kissing