My network (Margarette Alburo)

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My network (Margarette Alburo) by Mind Map: My network (Margarette Alburo)

1. My Mom and Dad They work at the hospital and my dad works with nurses and knows then very well , my mom works with surgeon equipment. they can let me meet nurses or surgeons.

2. My biology teacher: Mrs. Margetts- she can help me with understanding the human anatomy for my medicine career

3. My chiropractor She is a doctor and hopefully I could ask her for information about being a doctor or how long it took and what are classes I need to take.

4. My volleyball coach He/she can get me in contact with other volleyball coaches

5. My friends: They all work at different jobs and they can help me get a job by recommending me

6. My cousin: Took nursing as her course and she just recently graduated maybe she has connections towards other nurses that I could intern for

7. My boss: Stacy She is close with the care-aids and nurses at the senior home she can help me by asking if I could job shadow them

8. My sister: Myzelle She is in the nursing program at the college and she would be able to give me pointers and help I need when I take that course