The fault in our stars.

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The fault in our stars. by Mind Map: The fault in our stars.

1. To Love Is to keep promises no matter what happens.

2. Main ideas

2.1. Value the people you have around you because they can Be crucial for your Life.

2.2. Life is full of difficulties but you have to always face them and keep going.

3. Secondary ideas.

3.1. The pain does not change you Reveals.

4. Nuevo Tema

5. Mónica: Isaac's ex-girlfriend

5.1. Patrick: leader of the support group that suffers from cancer in the testicles.

6. Is the protagonist and the book narrated from his perspective. She is a sixteen years old teenager with thyroid cancer, with metastases in the lungs.

7. *Isaac: friend of Augustus who is blind

8. Mrs. And Mr. Lancaster: parents of Augustus

9. Lidewij Vliegenthart: assistant to Peter van Houten

9.1. Peter Van Houten: author of Hazel's favorite book An imperial pain.

10. When Hazel was about to surrender to the cancer she suffered, Augustus appears to teach her a new perspective on life, that despite knowing that they are dying, they should not think like that and should enjoy the time, it becomes their strenght, return your weaknees, live a beautiful story together and give the message that Never give up and if you find on Your way to the person who simply change your way of seeing things dos not let go, and enjoy every moment, every minute, every second, because despite the difficulties there are people who are having a worse time and that is not why they give up and stop sailing.

11. Main Characters.

11.1. Hazel Grace

11.2. Augustus Waters

11.2.1. Falls in Love with Hazel. He is Seventeen and lost his right leg because of a disease called osteosarcoma and is now in remission.

12. Secondary characters

13. Message