The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby by Mind Map: The Great Gatsby

1. F. Scott Fitzgerald Biography

1.1. General Information

1.1.1. September 24, 1896- December 21, 1940

1.1.2. Princeton University

1.1.3. Children: Francis Scott Fitzgerald

1.1.4. Spouse: Zelda Fitzgerald (1920-1940)

1.2. Influences

1.2.1. The Jazz Age

1.2.2. Alcohol

1.2.3. Zelda

1.2.4. Other Authors Edith Wharton John Keats Sherwood Anderson

1.3. Novels

1.3.1. The Great Gatsby

1.3.2. This Side of Paradise

1.3.3. The Beautiful and Damned

1.3.4. Style

1.4. Legacy

1.4.1. Died from heart attack Heavy drinker for much of his life

1.4.2. His novels sold millions of copies

1.4.3. The Great Gatsby Required for reading in high school and college classes

1.4.4. 2009 inductee of the New Jersey Hall of Fame

1.4.5. Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, MN

2. Themes

2.1. Society and Class

2.1.1. Gatsby is upper class Unethical ways of reaching upper class

2.1.2. Characters are all on different levels Gatsby- upper Daisy- upper Nick- middle/lower Myrtle- lower

2.2. The "American Dream"

2.2.1. To gain riches and succes on your own

2.2.2. Came to an end in the 1920s Did it die?

2.2.3. Gatsby reached it without the hard work

2.3. Wealth

2.3.1. Can lead to unethical things

2.3.2. Wealth does not bring happiness e.g. Gatsby only wanted Daisy

2.3.3. Many wealthy characters

2.4. Love

2.4.1. Love never goes away Gatsby's love for Daisy

2.4.2. Loyalty Daisy is married to Tom Tom has a mistress (Myrtle) Gatsby wants a married woman

2.4.3. Love will make you do crazy things Gatsby waits for Daisy Lives right across the lake from her

2.5. Dreams out of Reach

2.5.1. Gatsby and the green light Represents his dream of being with Daisy So close, yet so far

2.5.2. Get so much in life, but missing one thing Gatsby only wants Daisy Even though, filthy rich and popular