Daniel Wolpert

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Daniel Wolpert by Mind Map: Daniel Wolpert

1. Movement expert

1.1. TED profile

1.2. wolpertlab.com

2. back to overview map

3. ...

3.1. we tuned in later in the livestream

4. brain

4.1. contration of muscles for movements

4.2. if you dont need to move you dont need a brain

4.3. movement chauvenist

4.4. movement is important

4.4.1. gary kasperov vs ibm big blue

4.4.2. for a computer picking up a piece is hard a 5 yo can do ut

4.4.3. picking up a chess piece and place it

4.5. alogortithm

4.5.1. manipulative robotics is hard

4.5.2. robot pouring water in a glass phd project of 3 year if you want it to do someting else, again a pHD project of 3 years

4.5.3. cup stacking video of cup stacking world champion

5. how does it work

5.1. Daniel Wolpert on motor control

5.2. scheme

5.2.1. task ambigious noise

5.2.2. movement command + noise

5.2.3. sensory feedbak

5.3. bayesian inference

5.3.1. beliefs probability Nieuw knooppunt

5.3.2. 2 sorts of info data prior knowledge

5.3.3. probability of beliefs based on sensory input

5.3.4. optimal way of combining

5.4. example tennis

5.4.1. belief

5.4.2. prior

5.4.3. data vision

5.5. people are bayesian iference machines

5.5.1. combine sorts for learning movements

5.5.2. Nieuw knooppunt

6. apply

6.1. publication by Daniel "Why can't you tickle yourself?" (PDF)

6.2. brain makes precieze predicition

6.3. gerenate actions

6.3.1. we all move the same way

6.3.2. neural surgery

6.4. why do we move the way we do

6.5. plan your movement to minimize negative consequences

6.5.1. to do so we process loads of data