Religious belief and experience

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Religious belief and experience by Mind Map: Religious belief and experience

1. Which religion?

1.1. Hinduism

1.2. Judiasm

1.3. Buddhism

1.4. Christianity

1.5. Islam

1.6. Sikhism

2. Belief and practice

2.1. Family life

2.2. Legal issues

2.3. Sexuality

2.4. Lifestyle

3. Alternatives to religion

3.1. Atheism

3.2. Agnosticism

3.3. Nationalism

3.4. Materialism

3.5. Hedonism

4. Social and ethical debates on Religion

4.1. Is religion a way of bullying people into good behaviour?

4.1.1. Is God a delusion?

4.2. Why do some religions treat women as second class citizens?

4.3. Should religious leaders be able to influence governments?

4.4. Are faith schools a mechanism for indoctrinating the young?

4.5. What are the benefits and drawbacks of organised religion?