THE COLLABORATORY: 21st Century Learners’ Tools for Success

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THE COLLABORATORY: 21st Century Learners’ Tools for Success by Mind Map: THE COLLABORATORY:  21st Century Learners’ Tools for Success

1. Collaboration

1.1. The ability to work with others both physically and virtually.

1.2. Tools

1.2.1. Group Wikis Wikia Wikidot Wikispaces Zoho Wiki

1.2.2. Online Collaboration Collaborative Document Editing Google Docs Documents Zoho Writer Webconferencing, Group Chat & Screensharing Campfire Zoho Chat Zoho Meeting Asynchronous Discussion Facebook Groups Google Groups Yahoo! Groups Zoho Discussions

1.2.3. Organization Project Management Basecamp Zoho Projects Trello Wiggio Time & Task Management Google Calendar Remember the Milk Ta-Da Lists Digital Asset Management DropBox Evernote Google Docs file upload Zoho Docs

2. Solution

2.1. Creative problem-solving skills including the ability to define the problem, design and apply an appropriate solution, and evaluate the process and outcome.

2.2. Tools

2.2.1. Data Collection Google Docs Forms SurveyGizmo SurveyMonkey

2.2.2. Brainstorming, Mindmapping & Whiteboarding MindMeister Mindomo Twiddla wridea SpiderScribe Stixy

2.2.3. Presentation Web Apps Prezi Zoho Show Google Docs Presentations PC PowerPoint Mac Keynote

3. Information

3.1. The ablilty to access and evaluate information from a variety of sources.

3.2. Tools

3.2.1. Library

3.2.2. Online Learning Academic Earth MIT OpenCourseWare OpenLearn OpenLearningInitiative VideoLectures.NET Wikiversity iTunes U

4. Creativity

4.1. Visual creative skills and imagination including design, art and storytelling.

4.2. Tools

4.2.1. Writing Web Apps distraction-free scriptwriting language PC MS Word Mac Apple Pages

4.2.2. Image Web Apps Adobe Photoshop Express Aviary Phoenix picnik Mac/PC Adobe Photoshop

4.2.3. Audio web apps Aviary Myna Aviary Roc SoundCloud Mac GarageBand

4.2.4. Video Web Apps animation screencasting slideshows video editing PC Windows Live Movie Maker (PC only) Mac iMovie

5. Media

5.1. The ability to create digital media products and analyze other digital messages.

5.2. Tools

5.2.1. Content Curation authorSTREAM channels Storify Squidoo video Vimeo channels YouTube playlists Montage

5.2.2. Publishing Reports authorSTREAM Scridb wePapers Webpages & Blogging Google Sites Blogger tumblr "easy" website builders Microblogging Twitter Facebook Podcasting Hosting Publishing