Online Formative Assessment Ideas

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Online Formative Assessment Ideas by Mind Map: Online Formative Assessment Ideas

1. Allows kids and teens a unique way to share their understanding of various topics, build study aids for school, or create their own fictional world of characters!


2.1. Students share their understanding of formative assessment questions by answering in a variety of formats!

3. ReadWriteThink

3.1. Allows you to use a mobile device to track students reading progress and skill mastery!

4. Book Creator for iPad on the App Store

4.1. Ideal for making all kinds of books!

5. Smithsonian: TweenTribune

5.1. Trustworthy tween news site with classroom components! Students can share articles and take quizzes!

6. Social Studies Friendzy - K-8 Grade Social Studies on the App Store

6.1. Kids learn social studies by playing with friends, on their own, or with others around the world.

7. News-O-Matic - News-O-Matic is the daily newspaper for kids on iOS and Android, an exciting and engaging nonfiction experience, and a fantastic modern educational tool.

7.1. Provides an engaging and exciting non fiction experience for kids!

8. Tools for Creating