Funding Sources for Scottish Sport

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Funding Sources for Scottish Sport by Mind Map: Funding Sources for Scottish Sport

1. Robertson Trust

1.1. Capital and Revenue projects

1.2. Sports Stream

1.2.1. Using sport to achieve social outcomes

1.2.2. Will part-fund salary posts (if match-funding is found)

2. Mid-size Trusts

2.1. JK Rowling

2.2. Lloyds TSB

2.2.1. Community/social focused

3. BIG Lottery

3.1. Awards For All

3.1.1. Unincorporated bodies can apply Clubs

3.1.2. Schools can apply

3.1.3. Good for equipment, coaching sessions

3.2. 2014 Communities

3.3. Investing in Ideas

3.3.1. Up to £10K

3.3.2. Apply BEFORE your idea is formalised

3.4. Community Spaces

4. Social Enterprise

4.1. Firstpoint

4.1.1. Support of social entrprenuers

4.1.2. Could fit an assest transfer or Community Sports Hub project being led by a dynamic individual

5. Edinburgh Council

5.1. Sport Development / Regeneration Fund

5.2. CEC Pathways into Sport

5.2.1. Blaze Preston Street/Royal Mile