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1. LOW: A 17 year old is at a Christmas party alongside her family members (parents are present). As it is a party, her parents offer her some wine and she drinks a glass.


1.1.1. Individual: She probably think it's okay just to drink a little bit while in a family atmosphere that is more controlled.

1.1.2. Environmental: It is a controlled place where the party is for celebrating Christmas, and therefore she may find it acceptable to drink a little bit.

1.1.3. Sociocultural: In Western culture, celebration is usually had with drinks, and alcohol is used for celebration, and thus her family may see fit to provide her with some.

1.1.4. Legal: Although she is still underage, she is quite close to the legal age and she may feel that it is within her rights to drink, especially around her parents.


1.2.1. Legal: The girl is still underage and could get into legal trouble.

2. SMALL: A 17 year old drinks three glasses of alcohol on New Year's Eve with his parents. He has not eaten any food since lunch, and hasn't drunk water all day.


2.1.1. Individual: He may think that drinking with his parents is less risky and also a good way to celebrate. He may not know to eat and drink before consuming alcohol.

2.1.2. Environmental: The environment shows that it is a time for celebrating, and drinking quite a bit may seem normal to him.

2.1.3. Legal: He is very close to the legal age and may feel as though he is not breaking any laws by having a couple of drinks.

2.1.4. Sociocultural: Since many people celebrate with a drink, it may seem okay for him to drink a bit.


2.2.1. Legal: He is still underage and faces legal complication.

2.2.2. Social: It could get him drunk and make him cause social disruptions to the community around him.

2.2.3. Physical: He could get drunk and sick depending on his tolerance.

3. MEDIUM: A 16 year old girl drinks at a party that one of her friends is holding. There is one parent there, and a lot of alcohol. The girls drink a few cups while partying, and even though they get drunk, the parent ensures that no child drinks too much that it would become extremely dangerous.


3.1.1. Individual: She may feel as though her friend's party is a time to let loose, and that it's okay because a parent is present.

3.1.2. Environmental: The environment of a party may prompt her to drink because everyone around her is doing so.

3.1.3. Sociocultural: Everyone around her is drinking which makes her feel as though she should as well to feel more accepted in the social scenario.

3.1.4. Legal: She may not fear legal stipulation as her friend's parent is supervising and recognises that she may not get into trouble but her parents would.


3.2.1. Legal: The parent and the host of the party could face legal stipulations for supplying alcohol.

3.2.2. Social: Police could enter the party if there are any problems and the party could get shut down.

3.2.3. Physical: The children could get drunk or unconscious while the parent does not notice

4. RISKY: A 15 year old girl is at her friend's house for a sleepover (no parents) and the two girls decide to steal one of the parents' wine bottles. They drink all of this wine.


4.1.1. Individual: Although her personal knowledge may tell her not to, this could seem like a fun idea for her to try with a friend.

4.1.2. Environmental: A setting of a house may make her feel more comfortable and safe, which could also encourage her.

4.1.3. Sociocultural: For this girl, drinking may feel cool and as though she's breaking a social milestone.


4.2.1. Legal: They are underage and could face legal trouble if they cause community disruptions.

4.2.2. Physical: They will get drunk and could end up hurting themselves.

4.2.3. Social: They can cause social disruptions.

5. A 14 year old is at his much older friend's (18 years old) party. As this friend is now 18, there are copious amounts of alcohol at the party, and no adults. As a younger person, he feels a need to prove himself and when someone dares him to drink a few shots of vodka, he does so.


5.1.1. Individual: Attitudes including wanting the older people to like him, curiosity to try getting drunk, and a thirst to prove himself. He wouldn't have much knowledge on alcohol, seeing as his parents likely drink it right in front of him, and because of this, there is nothing in his personal values that will make him say no.

5.1.2. Sociocultural: He thinks it would be cool to try and make him look good, and the culture of a party would make him want to try vodka.

5.1.3. Environmental: The atmosphere of a party would be influencing him to drink, especially at an eighteenth birthday party where alcohol is provided in abundance. The fact that so many people around him drink also encourages him to drink.

5.1.4. Legal: As he is underage, this could tamper his eagerness to drink, but it also would make him feel 'cool' to break the rules a little bit

5.1.5. Economic: He is not able to purchase drinks, so he may think that it is better to get to drink at the party


5.2.1. Legal: He is quite underage, which means he can be caught by the law, as well as his friends, parents, and the hosts of the party.

5.2.2. Physical: It will get him drunk very easily as a spirit, and ruin his liver and negatively impact his brain.

5.2.3. Social: His friends may think him reckless and leave him.

5.2.4. Emotional: It can make him feel very bad when he wakes up the next day with memory loss.