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Engl110_f11 by Mind Map: Engl110_f11
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links, Daily Jing, Salon, LMu, syllabus, course blogger, course texts, Norton, They Said I Said

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topic conversations (LMu), race: Ida B. Wells, old, slavery & abolition, slave narratives, letters & diaries, figures, Benjamin Banneker, texts, Negro crime-1906, Local sentiment and lynching in PA, "Southern Horrors and Other Writings" by IBWells, new, Freedom riders, Excerpt from the book, health: J.H. Kellogg, old, eugenics, nutrition, texts, contagion, J.H.Kellogg's writings, Natural Diet of Man, wine drinking school children, new, Blind man, One Sperm Donor, 150 Children, technology: Charles Babbage, old, texts, The Effect of Labor-Saving Devices upon Wages, Ada Lovelace, new, Steve Jobs interview, crime&punishment: H.H. Holmes, old, texts, Dying speeches & Bloody murders, Old Bailey, H.H. Holmes, HHH wikipedia, HHHolmes "Modern Bluebeard", list, new, TedBundy, woment's issues: Lucretia Mott, old, texts, prohibition & temperance, Carry Nation, captivity narratives, LibofCongress, Declaration of Sentiments, new, GloriaSteinem, sports: Joe Jackson, old, Black Sox scandal, texts, JJackson's confession, new, Todd Marinovich, "The Trading Desk", politics: Teddy Roosevelt, old, texts, Thomas Nast, The Strenuous Life by TR, 1st Inaugural addrss, new, Political cartoonists, Mike Luckovich, ecology: John Muir, old, John Muir bio, texts, John Muir articles, new, Shipbreakers, economics: J.P.Morgan, old, labor, Joe Hill, texts, finance, panic of 1907-8, 1907 bib, teapot dome scandal, TRoosevelt's bears, new, Betting on the Blindside, immigration: Jacob Riis, old, texts, How the other half lives (wikipedia), How the other half lives (digital copy), immigration, 1789-1930, new, Enrique's Journey, local&MU history: SallyE. Bolton, old, texts, Christiana riot, aspects of the CRiot, Diaries & letters, SE Bolton letters, MU, E.O.Lyte's commencement address, 9/1896, civil war newspapers, new, HHerr's commencement speech

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