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Körpersprache by Mind Map: Körpersprache

1. Do not drum your fingers on the podium as it is very distracting for the audience

2. Shows complex thinking which reflects confidence

3. However, don't walk too fast, it is not only distracting but shows the audience that you are nervous

4. Gesten

4.1. M

5. Körperhaltungen

5.1. Exude Confidence when speaking

5.2. Knees shouldn't be locked as it restricts movement

5.3. Stand at a comfortable position.

5.3.1. New node

5.4. Augenkontakt

5.4.1. Mantain eye contact with audience 90% of the time

5.4.2. Divide the audience into different parts, and a make your point to an individual in each part of the room. New node

5.4.3. Look at your lover in the eye ;)

6. Bewegungen

6.1. You may want to move around a bit