Gender Equality

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Gender Equality by Mind Map: Gender Equality

1. Why do girls get worse treatment than boys?

1.1. Do girls get the same amount of education as boys in poverty?

1.1.1. Even though some of the countrie still give girls less education and or bann them from going to school, but most coutry now is giving same education. But, still more boy enroll to school more than girls.

1.2. Why is it that only the girls that gets water before school/extra chores?

1.2.1. Does boys do extra chores too? They do. Boys 5 hours, girls 7 hours. Boy play more than houseworks, girls do houseworks more than playing Do Girls Have More Chores Than Boys?

1.2.2. How long does it take to get the water from the river/lake? I said it takes about half an hour (30 min) to go all the way to the river. That means 1 hour in total and they have to carry 50 gallons of water when coming back.

1.3. Is the gender inequality getting better?

1.3.1. Who is helpibg the gender inequality getting better? Gender Equality is one of the global goals the world made in the Global Goals which is goals the world leaders made.

1.3.2. How long in average will it take to make gender equal? In the Global Goals it is said that they are trying to accomplish all the goals by 2030, which includes the gender equality.

1.3.3. When did people start making moves to stop gender inequality? In the late 1700s Feminism - BrainPOP

1.4. Which Countries are trying to solve gender equality?

1.4.1. New Zealand Gender equality in New Zealand - Wikipedia