How do people get out of the poverty cycle?

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How do people get out of the poverty cycle? by Mind Map: How do people get out of the poverty cycle?

1. What is the poverty cycle?

1.1. It simply means the continuous cycle of people living in poverty from the beginning of their life until the end.

1.2. This can be passed on from people to people.

1.3. Extreme cases of poverty can lead to the disability cycle.

1.3.1. In that way, the cycle is more difficult to escape because the person has more obstacles to face.

2. How do people get into the poverty cycle?

2.1. Usually children who lived in poverty during their childhood has more possibility of getting into the poverty cycle.

2.2. This can also happen due to the lack of jobs and opportunities in where they're living.

2.2.1. Especially in underdeveloped countries This can be also due to the lack of education

2.3. It can be also based on your race or ethnic.

2.3.1. Research shows that black boys are most likely to get into the poverty cycle even if they're raised in the wealthiest families Do this also happen with black girls?

3. How do we prevent more people getting into the poverty cycle?

3.1. In Africa, most people live off with 2 dollars per day. Some of them attempts to break the poverty cycle but is usually pulled back by their child's lack of school access.

3.1.1. With more school access, students would really understand what is happening around them.Then, they can help to improve productivity, income and health care