Child labour

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Child labour by Mind Map: Child labour

1. What are governments or organisations doing to help stop this issue and how can we help?

1.1. Blue dragon is an organisation in Vietnam which helps street kids have a shelter and food and water. Blue dragon also helps save kids who are in child labour and need to find a home. Blue dragon provides the special things people need.

1.1.1. Another organisation that is trying to stop child labour is the International Labour Organisation (ILO) They have a Global Action plan to stop child labour. Unicef

2. Why do people encourage child labour?

2.1. People encourage child labour and do child labour because they don't want to get the work done themselves so they enslave children to do it for them. Brands and companies like Nestle, Disney, Apple and Hershey have used child labour as a way of getting their work done. These are just a few of the many brands which have used child labour in the past

3. Children who have been enslaved

3.1. Iqbal Masih was enslaved at the age of 4. He worked 12 hours a day, zero off days and only a 30 minute break. The children were beaten & starved when they did not do something right or finish work on times. Iqbal tried to escape once and went to the police and told them what was happening at the place where he was enslaved but the police was more interested in the returning fees so the police man took Iqbal back to the place where he was enslaved.

3.1.1. Alejandra is a a girl who was enslaved at the age of 12. She wakes up at 4 in the morning and skips breakfast just so she can make sure that she has everything to make it through the day. She collects curiles, small molluscs in mangrove swamps. She works for 14 hours a day and just so she can make it through the day she brings almost a dozen cigars and at least 4 sleeping pills.

4. What is child labour?

4.1. Child labour is when children get forced into work. Children get beaten when doing something wrong and sometimes get starved.

4.1.1. How many children are in child labour?

4.1.2. Around the world 170 million kids are forced into child labour. 73 million of theses kids are below the age of 10.

5. What are the effects of child labour?

5.1. One of the main effects on child labour is that children are prevented from going to school and grow up without an education. Children also don't have the physical or mental strength when in child labour. When the children do something wrong it either ends up with them being beaten or starved because the people enslaving them have the power of their food.

6. When and why did child labour start?

6.1. Child labour began in the late 1700's - the early 1800's. Child labour began because factories were popping up everywhere, first in England and then America. Factories decided to use children as there workers. Children were told to use the power driven machines and were hired because the owners thought that children would be cheaper to hire than adults.