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ME by Mind Map: ME

1. HAILEY - My Friend. Hailey works at Gulfstream Restaurant. She makes good tips and has flexible hours i could ask her for a reference for some part-time work.

1.1. MR. AND MRS. WRIGHT - Hailey's Parents. They own Valley Mitsubishi Kelowna, and they could offer me insight on the various jobs and requirements found within a dealership.



2. PAYTON - My Sister. Payton works at Boston Pizza and the Boys and Girls Club. She could describe her work to me and how she feels about her position.

2.1. BOSTON PIZZA MANAGERS - BP would be a very fun part-time job. My sister loves it there and

2.2. BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB HR. Since I love working with kids, I think it would be super cool to work at the Boys and Girls club.

2.3. SAM- Payton's Boyfriend. Sam is majoring in biochemical engineering and he could inform me about his schooling process and future career opportunities.

3. MR. STRACHAN - My Physics Teacher. Mr. Strachan could help me uncover and explore some of the options if I was to focus in a physics based career.



4. RYAN - My Boyfriend. Ryan works as a line chef at Harvest Golf and Country Club. If I was looking for seasonal work with good tips, i could inquire about his position.

4.1. MR. DORRSERS - Ryan's Dad. Mr. Dorssers works as a contractor. He could connect me to the architects and planner of one of his projects, so I can understand the more drafting and architectural part of engineering.

4.2. MRS. DORSSERS - Ryan's Mom. Mrs. Dorssers works as a CEA at Raymer Elementary School. I'm interested in working with kids, and she could provide a good background for me.

5. NEL - My Friend. Nel Works at Peachwave Yogurt and could help me get a job through her relationship with the manager. Nel is also a competitive dancer.


5.2. MS. CROSSLEY - Nel's Hip-Hop instructor. Sam has done lots of work with dancers all around the world, in not just dance, but also in safe stretching, cardio etc. Sam could help me understand the techniques to safe activity, which would be very important if i decide to go into sport science.

6. LARRY - My Dad. My Dad analyzes stocks and teaches about the stock market cycle. If I was needing to learn more about economics, he's the guy I would talk to.

6.1. MERYLE CORBETT - Manager at KF Aerospace.

6.1.1. BARRY LAPOINTE - Owner of KF Aerospace. I am interested in becoming an aerospace engineer. Barry owns the cooperation, so he could give me some insight on what it is his company does.

6.1.2. KF AEROSPACE TECHNICIANS - Similar to any worker at this plant, they could let me know about job qualifications and opportunities.

6.1.3. KF AEROSPACE ENGINEERS - They could give me a job outline and describe what their career entails.

6.2. BARB - My Aunt. Barb is one of the mangers at the Cows Ice Cream Creamery, at its home in Price Edward Island. If i was looking to work in pretty sweet place, Barb would be the one to talk to.

6.2.1. JASON - Barbs Son. Jason works as a Kiosk installer for McDonald's Canada. He was one of approximately 12 other computer science engineers who conceptualized, produced, and installed these self-ordering kiosks across Canada. If i was looking for a job involving Computer Science, programming, or coding, Jason would be the guy to talk to.

7. JAMES - My Kinestiologist. He specializes in Physiotherapy, Sport Science, and Athletic Training and Therapy. I am interested in Sport Science, so he could let me know more about the profession. James also has many connections to all sorts of sport-related jobs, and could connect me through there.


7.2. SPORT DOCTORS - Being a Sport doctor has always been an option in the back of my head. These people could help me understand the nuisances of this profession.


8. KALEM- My friend. Kalem works as a grounds keeper at Okanagan Golf Club. He would be able to connect me to his boss who could potentially provide me with empolyment.