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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. My sister's best friend: My sisters best friend has a lot of connections with people in the community. I can tell her all my interest and possibly find my self a job.

2. My Boss: She is the supervision at KFC she could give in a good word to the manger and get me hired on the spot.

3. Mr. Parmar: Mr Parmer has been to many workshops with kids. He has endless connects to different paths of careers. He could help me get an internship with a doctor over the summer.

4. My Friend: My friend works at Latin Fiesta and is very close with the manger there. Through her I could get a job there.

5. Semi-Friends: I have a couple of friends that I'm not that close with that work at Tim Hortons. I could get a job through them.

6. My sister's old boss: He is the manger of many Subways in Kelowna. I could get a job there. if I would like.

7. Melody Haddow: Melody is my chiropractor. She is always interested to share her knowledge. She could Borden my knowledge on the path to becoming a chiropractor.

8. Surgeon: I would like to pursue this career when I am older. This person can give me insight on things that happen behind the scenes that can make their job challenging. They could also give me a secret tour of their working areas.

9. Photographer: Photography has just became one of my hobbies. Talking to a photographer could help me to improve my skills, which would improve the quality of my pictures.

10. My Sister: She is very close with the manger at subway so she could help me get a job there. She is also very close with the owner of Peter's Your Independent Grocer and she has helped me to get a job there. I could get a job at a hair store because my sister knows the owners.

11. My dad: My dad works in the kitchen at Smackdab he could talk to his boss and get me into that environment

12. My Chemistry teacher: I have a love for science so I could talk to him about professors that teach at a university level. I could then knock down some volunteer hours while learning a thing or two about the field of teaching science.

13. Family Friend: Mrs.Adams works in an office that is responsible for bringing farm workers to Kelowna. She could give me a job as an intern at her office, and teach me a a thing or two about her job.

14. Medical Student: Seeing that I plan to become a doctor one day, it would be best to talk to a medial student to ask them a couple of questions about how to succesfully comeplete medical school. They can share there tips with me to make things easier when I get to that path in my life.

15. Business owner: I would like to open a private medical business when I'm older. A business owner can teach me the right things to do when it comes to opening a business and keeping it a float.