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Me by Mind Map: Me

1. Spence (A previous coworker) Spence was a assistant manager at my previous job. She helped a lot with my training and taught me many valuable job skills.

2. Dr. Laurel Strenger (My Chiropractor) Dr. Strenger lived in California to complete her chiropractic degree, She has many contacts outside of Kelowna.

3. Dr. Kreway (My dentist) Dr. Kreway works at Orchard Park Dental. Hes worked in the dental industry for a few years, and hes somebody i trust.

4. Stacey Cooper (A neighbor) I have babysat for the coopers on multiple occasions, and I know the family well. Stacey works in human connections a field I'm interested in. She has connections in her field of work that could help me if i decide to go into human connections.

5. My dad

6. Lisa Vanstone (My best friends mom). Lisa Vanstone is a member of the momma's for momma's foundation. She could help me find a volunteering position.

7. My Brother My brother works as the truck manager at McDonalds. He has a few connections in kelowna.

8. My Mom

9. Liz (My previous work manager) Liz was my previous manager at Lush, she has been the manager at Lush for over 10 years. She has close connections with other businesses in the mall, which could be useful when obtaining another position at the mall.

10. Dr. Livingston Dr. Livingston is our family doctor. He's been my doctor for over 10 years so he is a trusted person to me. His field of work is something that could potentially interest me.

11. Mr. Steen

12. Kevin Levin (a family friend) Kevin Levin works with my dad at the BDO firm, he organizes many community events with many different businesses and companies. He has many connections in event organization.

13. Kim Desrosier (A family friend) Kim i a close family friend that works it the Manteo resort, she is helping me get a job at Manteo for the summer.

14. Mr. Mayer (My art teacher) Mr. Mayer has been my art teacher for two years. He's helped me with my art something that I'm very passionate about. I'm lucky to have a teacher that has such a good impact on my future.

15. Mrs. Donnelly (My math teacher) Mrs. Donnelly has been my math teacher for the last two years. she has helped me so much with math, and help me with my career plans in the future.