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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. My Sister. She has a lot of friends in different areas so she could ask arund to see what opportunities there are that interest me.

2. My Cousin. She works as an Aboriginal advocate at a middle school so she has a lot of connections if I ever want a job as a teacher or advocate.

2.1. School Counselor: Mr. Harbour. He has a lot of connections in the school and in the community so could help me with volunteering and possible job shadows.

3. My Aunty. She is a teacher, something I might be interested in so she could help me figure out what I need to pursue the career.

4. My Parents. Both my parents have friends and old co workers that they could talk to and see if they find any work opportunities.

5. My Friends Elisha and Avery. Elisha works at Tim Hortons and Avery works at The Bay. They could talk to their managers about hiring me.

6. Les Gross. He's my mother's old boss and he could get me a job at his workplace or give good recommendations for me to other places.

7. My Teacher: Mrs. Geistlinger. When I apply for jobs or for volunteering she could put in a good word for me and tell them my positive skills.

8. My Dad's old R.A: Taryn Hughson. She is a Rehab Assistant and because I'm doing instense rehab right now, I might consider pursuing it as a career in the future, she could help me get to that point.

9. My Parents Friend: Alexis Pennington. She works as an assistant in a dentists office so she could help me get a job there or see if I could volunteer.

10. Connie Orchard: Nurse at KGH. I spent a lot of time around nurses in all different fields when I was in the hospital and it interests me, I might want to be a nurse when I'm older and she could help me with what I need to achieve to be a nurse.

11. Alison Nutter: Pediatrician. I spent a lot of time in the pediatric ward in the hospital so I saw a lot of sick and injured children and I think I might want to work with that in the future so I could talk to her about how she got to where she is today.

12. Nina Hamilton: Manager at Big Box Outlet in Penticton. If I ever wanted a job at her store or retail in general she could help get me a job at her store so I have experience.

13. Mrs. Rocco: Kindergarten teacher: I'm good with little kids and I think I might be interested in teaching kindergarten or preschool in the future and I could reach out to her for help in getting what I need.

14. Peter Warren: Doctor at West Kelowna Walk-in. I spent a lot of time in a medical workplace and I have since had many doctors appointments and it’s something I might consider doing in the future, I could talk to him about what I need to pursue a career as a doctor