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Theme 2 by Mind Map: Theme 2

1. GoogleDocs

1.1. Very convenient for online collabboration

1.1.1. Easy to use and share between others There should be more features however. There is a limit to what you can do. It would be a lot better if it was similar to the Microsoft programs. Saves a lot of time. Instead of emailing back and forth revisions or updates to a project, we can just have one main document.

2. UConnect

2.1. I thought it was very difficult to use.

2.1.1. The website isn't organized very well. More icons should be labeled for the users to understand what each one is. It's a nice way to create webinars The audio settings should be easier to use. This would help a lot in the presentations.

3. Skype

3.1. Very easy to use.

3.1.1. It was the first time using skype with more than one person at a time. Very simple and helpful when doing online group work. Saves a lot of time instead of emailing group members, using Skype was more convenient.

4. WikiSpaces

4.1. It was the first time I have used Wikispaces. It's a great place for online collaboration. It's very convenient.

4.1.1. It's like an upgraded version of GoogleDocs. You can upload and share many more documents. Also each viewer is able to view and edit anything throughout the space. It's a little complicated but after a little I got used to it. I think the layout of Wikispaces could be improved.