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Forces&Motion by Mind Map: Forces&Motion

1. Speed&Velocity

1.1. Average Speed= Total Distance/Total time

1.2. Speed is distance per unit time

1.3. Distance= speed x time

1.4. Time=speed/distance

1.5. Velocity is the distance per unit time in a specific direction.

2. Acceleration

2.1. Acceleration is the rate of change in velocity

2.2. Acceleration=Final velocity-Initial velocity/time

2.3. positive acceleration means the velocity of object is increasing

2.4. Negative acceleration means that it is decreasing

2.5. Velocity= initial velocity+(acceleration x times)

3. Motion graph

3.1. Distance time graphs shows ow the distance changes as time changes

3.2. From a speed time graph acceleration can be found by calculating the gradient of the graph

3.3. Negative gradient means that it is decelerating positive means that it is accelerating

4. Free fall motion

4.1. An object that is falling freely in the air experiences an acceleration due to gravity

4.2. The acceleration of a free fall is 10m/s2

4.3. An object that is moving freely upward is 10m/s2