Eighth Grade Schedule

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Eighth Grade Schedule by Mind Map: Eighth Grade Schedule

1. Timing

1.1. length of classes

1.1.1. 40 minutes

1.1.2. 45 minutes

1.1.3. 30 minutes at the most

1.1.4. An hour and 30 minutes

1.2. What time school starts

1.2.1. 9:00

1.2.2. 8:30

1.2.3. 8:25

1.3. When does the school day end?

1.4. Should the school day start at a later time?

1.4.1. Yes, so then people could get enough rest

1.4.2. No, I think it's actually very productive the way it is, because if you start later you end later and you wouldn’t have as much time as you would before, no because then students would have less time for relaxing but only time for work

1.5. School day longer or shorter

1.5.1. shorter

1.5.2. same

1.5.3. a bit longer

1.5.4. I prefer it the way it is

2. Classes

2.1. How many classes should you have to go to per week

2.1.1. 5

2.1.2. 4

2.1.3. 3 (every other day)

2.2. The classes that should be offered in school

2.2.1. Thetre

2.2.2. Drama

2.2.3. Outdoor learning

2.2.4. (Beginners) Chemistry

2.2.5. being able to have art and music

2.2.6. Lunch as the time of a class

2.2.7. Yes, critical, advanced mindset (helping with students who need help thinking more above and beyond )

2.2.8. Yes, Creative writing, Journalism, and Tv studio production

2.2.9. Yes, Drama and Acting

2.2.10. Other after school math classes in case you didn’t have a clear understanding in class

2.2.11. No

2.3. The classes that should not be offered anymore in school

2.3.1. World studies

2.3.2. English

2.3.3. No, I think the classes that we have now is just fine the way it is

2.4. How many classes should you go to per day

2.4.1. 7

2.4.2. 4

2.4.3. 5

2.4.4. It depends on the class

2.4.5. 6 classes

2.4.6. 3

3. Students

3.1. What do they want their school year to look like?

3.1.1. Semesters

3.1.2. Quarters?

3.1.3. Something else I'm not thinking of?

3.2. Will the care and precision make longer/shorter school day successful or maybe disregarded as enthusiasm grows?