The Solar System

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The Solar System by Mind Map: The Solar System

1. Didactic Aims

2. Contents

2.1. The Sun

2.1.1. Is our Star

2.1.2. Is in the centre of our System

2.1.3. Planets move around the Sun

2.1.4. Shine and heats by itself.

2.2. Where is it?

2.2.1. Is in a galaxy called Milky Way

2.3. What is is?

2.3.1. Is the name of our System

2.4. Other Solar Bodies

2.4.1. Asteroids Belt

2.4.2. Meteoroid

2.4.3. Moon

2.4.4. Comet

2.5. The Planets

2.5.1. Characteristics Not shine by themselves Move around a star

2.5.2. Terrestrial Planets Mercury Venus The Earth Mars

2.5.3. Giant Planets Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune

2.5.4. Movements Revolution Movement around the Sun Rotation Movement around an axis

2.6. Dwarf Planets

2.6.1. Pluto