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Vladislav by Mind Map: Vladislav

1. History

1.1. Hatch 1419

1.1.1. One of 2 eggs in Nenetsia

1.1.2. Mother nurtured for a short time, left by the time they were 18

1.1.3. First changes both at 18

1.1.4. Brother left before his 20th year

1.1.5. Introduction to humanity

1.2. Youth to 1499

1.2.1. Took up with local women, sowed wild oats

1.2.2. Met wife-to-be, romance :: 1480

1.2.3. Married 1482 - barren

1.2.4. Relocated in toward Muscovy

1.2.5. Took land and became wealthy

1.3. Introduction to Politics 1500-1600

1.3.1. made Boyar as a landowner

1.3.2. Widower 1501 - winter Buried wife in Nenetsia Attempted to remain in Nenetsia

1.3.3. Ivan the Terrible Restricted Boyar power, forced to return to Moscow 1547 forced into Boyar Duma Attempted assassination - wouldn't swear fealty to Ivan's sickly son and madness Wars spread like wildfire to the west and seaward, prompting his further intervention Massacre of Novgorod led him to realize regime change was necessary Ivan strikes his daughter-in-law, causing a miscarriage Manipulated Ivan's son via whispers, prompting their confrontation Ivan kills his son, removing heir Vlad induces a stroke in Ivan Feodor takes the throne A weak king was preferable to a mad king, giving him a reason to retreat

1.3.4. Feodor I Useless king, Vlad returns to Nenetsia 1584 Time spent avoiding politics, cynicism setting in Death - unexpected, leading into decline 1598

1.4. Involvement in Politics 1600 til 1800

1.4.1. Time of Troubles Vlad returns to Moscow 1601 Attempted to reason with the oligarchy / Boyar False Dmitry takes Moscow Vlad sows the right whispers into Shuisky + support Shuisky makes no indication of lust for power Vlad supports the coup, thinking power will return to the boyar + oligarchy Shuisky takes power Dmitry II takes power Vlad gives up publically to work behind the scenes, chaos ensues Spreads whispers of the Romanov boy Encourages the other Boyars - 1611 Retreated to Domnino 1611 Met Ivan Susanin 1612 - destroyed the Polish seeking to assassinate Romanov

1.4.2. Guide Romanovs to power 1613 - returned to Moscow Took up Boyar Duma again, serving as court counsel Guided Michael to establishing policy that was actually successful Dealt with Sweden and Poland Returned minor power to Boyar Duma Attempted to tie Russia to Denmark - foiled by headstrong youth insistent on orthodoxy Tutored Alexis through his good friend Boris Morozov behind the scenes, who was a wizard Feodor III - OH HEY SMART GUY (takes a reign off, retreating to Nenetsia until Peter I takes the throne) Dual tsars were unremarkable until Ivan's sister attempted to raise a revolt - which was foiled without him even returning to Moscow

1.4.3. Peter I - 1696 Modernization was a wonderful change of pace, spurring his return to Moscow Returned to court while Peter toured Europe Shaved his beard and part of his manly charm died Northern War, blah and then OHSHIT BOYARS DISBANDED WAT DO Relocated to St Petersburg Died 1725, Vlad retired from politics to live as a citizen in Moscow

1.4.4. Catherine the Great (til 1796) Took up business as a type press Worked with Moskovskiye Vedomosti, one of the first publications in Russia Left in 1800 for St. Petersburg

1.5. 1800-1900

1.5.1. Russian Development, Industrial Revolution

1.5.2. Lover :: 1853-1859, died 1869

1.5.3. Brief Nihilistic stint 1860-1862

1.5.4. Travelled Europe and Russia from 1862, returning to Moscow in 1903

1.6. SHITSHITSHIT years, 1900-1920

1.6.1. WWI

1.6.2. Romanovs feb 1917

1.6.3. PEACE OUT RUSSIA 1917

1.6.4. Bolshevik Revolution oct 1917

1.6.5. Rise of Communism

1.7. Leaving for America 1920-1998

1.7.1. WWII

1.7.2. COLD WAR

1.7.3. Originated xxx News Organization: news in print that expanded to local stations in 1983

1.7.4. Cultural Revolution

1.7.5. Established a ceo + president and retired, 1996

1.7.6. Relocated to Los Alma, 1998

1.8. Modern day 1998+

2. New node