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Blueboard Prospect by Mind Map: Blueboard Prospect

1. Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Motivation

1.1. Intrinsic: I want to feel good when Blueboard enriches the lives of people around me

1.2. Extrinsic: I want to use Blueboard to facilitate better for myself at work

2. Professional Pain Points

2.1. My employees aren't engaged or motivated

2.2. No one at my company is excited by cash rewards or gift cards

2.3. We have high employee attrition

3. Likely Concerns with our Product

3.1. Blueboard is too expensive. We don't have enough budget

3.2. I'm not convinced that I will get ROI

3.3. People say they would prefer cash rewards

4. Type A vs. Type B Personality

4.1. Type A: Highly Benefit focused, time sensitive, highly conscientious

4.2. Type B: Willing to chat, less benefit focused, less time sensitive

5. Professional Goals

5.1. I want to make my company a best place to work. I want people to love working here

5.2. I want to incentivize people to be their best selves

5.3. I want my team to feel appreciated

5.4. I want my company to attract the best talent