Past continuous

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Past continuous by Mind Map: Past continuous

1. Form

1.1. I , she , he , it

1.1.1. + It was showing all day long yesterday.

1.1.2. — He was not doing his homework at 4 o’clock yesterday.

1.1.3. Yes / No ? Was she watching TV last Sunday evening?

1.1.4. Wh ? When he was working?

1.2. We , you , they

1.2.1. + We were playing basketball yesterday afternoon.

1.2.2. — We were not having a picnic yesterday.

1.2.3. Yes / No ? Were you drinking coffee at the cafe ?

1.2.4. Wh? Where were you swimming?

2. Use

2.1. The past continuous expresses a past activity that has duration. ((الماضي المستمر يعبر عن نشاط سابق له مدة ))

2.1.1. 1-l was doing my homework all night.

2.1.2. 2- was it raining for 3hours in the morning ?

2.2. expresses activity that began before the action expressed by the past simple . ((للتعبير عن النشاط الذي استمر لفترة قبل ان يطرأ الفعل /الحدث الثاني المذكور بالماضي البسيط))

2.2.1. 1-l was sleeping when you called me.

2.2.2. 2-my mom was cooking when l came home from school.