Angela's Dream House

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Angela's Dream House by Mind Map: Angela's Dream House

1. Daughter Isabellas Room

1.1. Bed, computer, dresser, vanity, toys

2. Son Cornells Room

2.1. Bed, dresser, toys, computer

3. Bathroom

3.1. Half bath

4. Living room

4.1. TV, couch, end tables, pictures etc.

5. Family Room

5.1. Fire place, couch

6. Bathroom

6.1. Full bath

7. Play room

7.1. Kids toys

8. Office

8.1. Computer, desk, books, all for me to study in

9. Big yard

9.1. Play yard for kids, trampoline, adult size porch swing, four wheelers.

10. Mine and husbands room

10.1. Bed, dressers, vanity