Linguis'c Varie'es and Mul'lingual Na'ons

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Linguis'c Varie'es and Mul'lingual Na'ons by Mind Map: Linguis'c Varie'es and Mul'lingual Na'ons

1. when a pidgin becomes the language of newly-born generations as a mother-tongue or first language

2. Vernacular Languages

2.1. It generally refers to a language which has not been standardised or codified and which does not have official status (uncodified or standardised variety). It generally refers to the most colloquial variety in a person's linguistic repertoire.

3. Standard Language

3.1. a standard variety is generally one which is written, and which has undergone some degree of regulation or codification (in a grammar and a dictionary).

4. World Englishes

4.1. World Englishes: world English languages are classified into, inner circle Englishes as in the UK, USA .

5. Lingua franca

5.1. a language used for communication between different language users, for people.

6. Pidgin

6.1. it is a language which has no native speakers. Pidgins develop as a means of communication between people who don't have a common language

7. Creole