Argentina Acquiring Phase 1 5-Sept-2018

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Argentina Acquiring Phase 1 5-Sept-2018 by Mind Map: Argentina Acquiring Phase 1 5-Sept-2018

1. Transaction Sample (Taxes)

1.1. TRX

1.1.1. 100

1.2. IC 1%

1.2.1. 1

1.3. VAT IC 1%

1.3.1. 0.01

1.4. SF

1.4.1. 0.97

1.5. MSC 0.02%

1.5.1. 0.02

1.6. Promo 10%

1.6.1. 50/50 split (issuer/merchant) 5

1.7. Factoring Fee 2%

1.7.1. 2

1.8. VAT Factoring Fee 1%

1.8.1. 0.,02

1.9. Ins Risk Fee 3%

1.9.1. 3

1.10. VAT Risk Fee 1 %

1.10.1. 0.03

1.11. Total #1

1.11.1. 87.95

1.11.2. Vat 1% 0.88

1.11.3. Rev 1% 0.88

1.11.4. IIBB 2.5% 2.20

1.11.5. Final Total 83,99

1.12. Processing

1.12.1. Calculated and controlled on transaction level

1.12.2. Need to re-calculate taxes for future instalments

1.12.3. We just revert taxes from refunds and chargebacks for the current month

2. Infra

2.1. RS2 Staging

2.1.1. New VPN

2.2. RS2 UAT

2.2.1. New SFTP

2.3. RS2 Prod

2.3.1. New folder structure for Argentina Argentina under Brazil to not change Brasil structure

2.4. Boarding API Connectivity

2.4.1. Same VPN

2.5. Testing Environment Scheme

2.5.1. MasterCard

2.5.2. Visa

3. Schemes

3.1. Mastercard

3.1.1. Authorization Instalments Merchant Issuer Functionalities Dynamic Descriptor Dynamic MCC Airlines Data X-CODE Multi-currency Aggregators ISO Message Add ARGCTA to DE48 SE 5 Promotions Ahora XX

3.1.2. Clearing (single MC ICA BR/ARG) Instalment & VAT PDS 1028 (confirm logic between Taxes) Recurring Payment PDS 1026 PDS 1027 VAT & Fee Collection (Issuer Commision) MC to send WP/RS2 Bulk files VAT Interchange PDS 0080 Future Dated PDS 0159 Sub8 Promotions PDS 1029 Issuer Instalments Impacts to RS2 Impacts to WP LAtam Addtional Data PDS 0173 PDS 0396

3.1.3. Settlement Domestic Credit Debit International Credit

3.1.4. ICA Billable

4. Boarding

4.1. Merchant boarding

4.2. Configuration loading

4.2.1. Taxes upload Configuration IVA (Vat) REVENUE (Ganancias) IIBB Issuer Commision (IC) Interchange TAX (IC Tax) Factoring Instalment Risk Fee Ahora XX File generation Full replacement Scheduling + Connectivity with SMS

4.2.2. Promotions Load configuration (BW or APF?) Enabled or not MID Bin Range (High - Low) MCC Discount Promotion code Promotion Narrative Duration Start Date Duration End Date

4.3. Merchant boarding

4.3.1. Screen/API Add field similar to CPF Add field similar to CNPJ Enable/Disable for each Tax on Merchant Level 2 New account types from issuer instalment GL support

4.4. Aggregators

4.4.1. Boarding API for Aggregators and Chain Marketplace boarding Sub-merchants boarding Pricing model configuration Enable/disable taxes configuration

4.4.2. New hierarchy configuration CNPJ can be used multiple times No root CNPJ duplicated restriction Chain required Flat link available for Brazil

4.4.3. No bank Branch file Brank configuration is user populated

4.4.4. Create interface with Boarding API Message Pass-through solution Mostly used by sub-merchants

5. Accounting

5.1. Promotions

5.1.1. Merchant Shared promotion Requires booking New suspense account required Shouldn't hit PnL Booking is "merchant pass-through"

5.1.2. Issuer Shared promotions They are similar to refunds 2 new accounts required Is merchant pass-through

5.1.3. Refunds

5.1.4. Chargebacks

5.2. Issuer instalments

5.2.1. 2 new account types for Visa and Mastercard to distinguish Its merchant pass-through Same booking flow of Estimated Interchange To be booked under "Fee acount"

5.2.2. Special support for Ahora

5.3. Taxes

5.3.1. New Accounts for Taxes New "Accounts"? or New "Narratives"?

5.3.2. IVA New account credit New account for debit

5.3.3. Revenue (Ganacias) Not applicable

5.3.4. IIBB Not applicable

5.3.5. Issuer Commission Same as Issuer Share Promotions Is merchant pass-through

5.3.6. IVA Interchange

5.3.7. Factoring Reuse of IOF structure?

5.3.8. Instalment Risk Fee Same as Issuer Share Promotion Is merchant pass-through

5.4. GL

5.4.1. Merchant Creditor has be to on merchant level If we do that then this is not a GL anymore Merchant level to be tracked on posting journal

5.4.2. No estimated interchange required for ARG

5.4.3. Scheme debtor booking has to be on transaction date Auto-match process required

5.4.4. Automated money posting from MC incoming file to bank control

5.4.5. Multi currency support FX Control complete solution still pending for Brazil

5.4.6. Display scheme payment date on scheme debtor accounts

5.4.7. Mastercard taxes to be posted as Interchange

5.4.8. Estimated interchange can be ignored Impact on instalments?

5.4.9. Trxns flow example for basic purchase Visa International ARS Clearing in ARS Scheme Settlement in USD Merchant Settlement in ARS 2 GLs 2 TBs 2 FXs

5.4.10. Integration Report Monthly submission to SMS

6. Merchant Settlement (funding)

6.1. Funding Partner

6.1.1. Citi / BBVA

6.2. Payment instructions

6.2.1. Single merchant account configuration

6.2.2. Scheme Settlement is in T+17 (defined by Acq)

6.2.3. Merchant Settlement is T+25 Money tranfer has to occur on same day DOC like flow TED like flow

6.2.4. Aggregators Funding on Market Level (Centralized) Funding on sub-merchant level (Descentralized)

6.3. File layout transformation

6.3.1. MT940

7. Pricing

7.1. Regular merchants

7.1.1. Net/Gross Settlement Blended IC++ VAT calculated over IC Actual Tiered Stepped

7.2. Aggregators

7.2.1. Marketplace IC++ For aggregator 2 pricing model calculation has to be be applied ove the same transaction

7.2.2. Sub-Merchants IC++ ? Blended Just blended? Any others on Phase 1?

8. Portal & Reporting

8.1. Sales Report

8.1.1. Base functionalities

8.2. Settlement Report

8.2.1. Base functionalities

8.3. Factoring

8.3.1. Replace IOF by Interchange Tax

8.3.2. Vat over IC Tax

8.4. Aggregators

8.4.1. Single Portal for Market Place

8.4.2. Different pricing for Market and Sub-merchants

8.4.3. Hierarchy access control

8.4.4. Aggregated report Sales Report Settlement Report Top report section with Market settlement info Any special reporting?

8.5. Taxes / Promotions / Issuer Instalments

8.5.1. Files Sales Report It will show "estimated" taxes screenshots, since it may change at time of settlement Settlement Report Chargeback Report

8.5.2. Portal Sales Consolidated Authorization Summarized Settlement Report

8.5.3. BW MPR Consolidate payments on Fee account

8.6. APF

8.6.1. Changes to APF file Process Chargeback file (03) from RS2 Send chargeback flow to WPG

8.6.2. Promotions New conciliation flows

8.6.3. Issuer Instalments

9. Brigtherion

9.1. MIS

9.1.1. Promotions

10. Regulatory Reports

10.1. Taxes

10.1.1. IVA (Vat) Create Montly Report with all IVA charges

10.1.2. Revenue (Ganacias)

10.1.3. IIBB

10.1.4. Issuer Commision Does not need to be reported

10.1.5. Interchange Tax (IC Tax) For Purchases For Factoring

10.1.6. Instalment Risk Fee

10.2. Factoring

10.3. Ahora XX

11. WPG

11.1. New fields from Auth?

11.2. Chargeback return file ?

11.2.1. WPG may process existing chargeback file from APF

11.3. Reporting

11.3.1. S-Level Reporting Add taxes Add promotion Transfer report currently has a single "Cost amount" field

11.4. Bin

11.4.1. Add Mastercard debit bin table to WPG

12. Important Pending Questions

12.1. Schemes

12.1.1. Is there any Scheme Fees?

12.1.2. Identification member ID or BIN?

12.1.3. Debit in Argentina is mostly MC Debit They are starting to issue Maestro Does WPG have SSL=Maestro?

12.1.4. Interchange is over product, what is difference btw BR and ARG? Very similar

12.1.5. MC ICA needs to be billable Lucio to start

12.2. Promotions

12.2.1. What is the refund flow for promotions? Need to control in BW to avoid wrong money flow How interchange works for promotion refunds? Consolidate question for promotion for Mastercard

12.2.2. What is the chargeback flow for promotions? Question to Mastercard We may chargeback everything

12.2.3. How promotion data is sent on instalment clearing (MC manual is not clear).

12.2.4. GL Sales Flow Refund Flow Chargeback Flow

12.3. Taxes (check what SMS will provide about taxes) - Discuss with Soraya

12.3.1. VAT Charged over transaction Net amount Charged over other fees Is VAT amount different by fee? Or its always the same?

12.3.2. Ganacias Need configuration table

12.3.3. IIBB Need configuration table Why calculated on loading and settlement? Calculated Over?

12.3.4. Issuer Commision What is VAT over Fee Collection 7826 Is this standard VAT percentage?

12.3.5. Interchange Tax Does it comes from Incoming or we see on Mastercard Mol? What is the fee collection # we receive? Financial or Non-Financial (to Mastercard) When do we get it for a scheme settlement of T+25?

12.3.6. Factoring Is Factoring fee fixed of 2%? Is VAT over Factoring Fee fixed of 1%?

12.3.7. Instalment Risk Fee Need configuration table

12.3.8. Ahora XX Need more product details

12.3.9. Is there any taxes on international cards?

12.4. Regulatory Reports

12.4.1. What are the reports/data we need to send to ARG government?

12.5. Funding

12.5.1. Shoud we use same configuration we have in Brazil after CIP CR?

12.5.2. Comment on montly interchange report Interchange.xlsx already being generated Any use for it? RS2 to send it to MAN

12.6. GL

12.6.1. Is estimated interchange required?

12.6.2. What Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3 from BW means * Pending from RS2

12.6.3. From notes: MSC being stuck upfront causes everything to be stuck upfront What impact is this?

12.6.4. How should sub ledger behave from ARG?